Seven Stars Clothing Co. (7SC) was born in 2002 in Cuneo, from the creative minds of four friends, skaters and snowboarders. Their wallet was an empty abyss, but their minds were full of ideas. In eight years those guys did really a lot, and from small clothing lines they gained big sponsorships. The story of 7Sc it’s the evidence that if you’re willing to struggle, work and sweat, you can turn a dream into reality. But let’s tell the story from the very beginning… Four friends from four different scenes, rollerblading, snowboarding, skateboarding, break-dancing & Mc’ing decided to join together to share their attitudes. They wanted to create a sort of “culture”. In fact, even if they came from different scenes, they had a very similar style. At that time the most important brands were considering separately every single sport, with separate products and so on. But our four heros wanted to find the link between all the extreme sports. That’s why they chose this name, the seven stars of the logo represent seven different sports: rollerblading, skateboarding, snowboarding, break-dancing, bmx, motocross and Mc’ing. Join together those different cultures it’s not easy at all, and it’s even more difficult if you live in a lost place like Cuneo City. This project wasn’t born with the aim of making money, but with the aim of creating a family, united by the same Life Style.

With a small budget and the help of the shop where one of the guys used to work,“Fight Gravity” (R.I.P.), the first collection was created. In that first collection there were only a hoody and a t-shirt, but with the money of the first sales it has been possible to create a second line, obviously wider (two different hoodies, pants, t-shirt and various accessories). They sold more than expected and it allowed the brand to be well known in Cuneo and surroundings. Together with the first clothes came also the first hip-hop parties of the crew. One of the four guys gave up the project. After a long break there has been a true revolution of the brand. The guys decided to follow a true hip-hop style, which was highly fashionable at that time. After having spent endless nights in front of the pc screen to create new logos and new models, in summer 2006 they released a mini summer collection of t-shirts to warm up everyone before the brand new collection. The family was growing more and more and it was divided into three sections. 7S studios, led by Al Schiavone, was dealing with filming and editing travelling around with the riders and the artists. The 7S Moovement was dealing with events and parties organisation, with Djs such as Big Mike. Everyone in Cuneo remembers the “7S refresh your… party”!
Finally, the third and last section is the 7S Unit, which promotes music artists in collaboration with the recording studio “Neuma”, and led by Cereal Killah (ckp). The Seven Stars Unit (Cereal Killah, July B e Rolo Mc) made an album with the main components of the Cn Kings. Today CKP is working to produce his first album that will feature the greatest artists of the area and even more (Boorklyn included!).

New Era, new business! More and more serious! First of all we registered the brand “Seven Stars Clothing Co.” So it was official. Between summer 07 and winter 08 we released the first official collection of Seven Stars Clothing Co. More than twelve articles for men and women and more than a thousand pieces sold! After so much hard work we succedeed in doing what we wanted also thanks to a new partner: “Sintra S.r.l.”. Today the distribution is a serious thing, thanks to the PmP distribution of Milan. We sell also online through Mad for Skate and Arsenale della T-shirt (everywhere in Italy) and also Vendilo Shop E-Bay (Worldwide).

This brand new blog aims to keep you updated about all the news regarding products, tours, the team, and so on. We hope to convey the feeling that every member of this big family has. That said, welcome to sevenstarsclothing.wordpress.com!


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