Team | 7SC Unit Invitation

Ladies and gentlemen here we are with the first Seven Stars Unit Invitation!
As I imagine, you’ve already heard that sometimes Seven Stars Clothing co. invites a crew or a blader in our choice to spend 2 days @ kappan-one to film and party. After that we make an edit or a fotoreport!
Our first guests were Marco Tropini from Ivory Coast, an old 7SC team member who stopped skating for a while, and the guys of TBC (Torino Blader Crew) composed by Marco Di Palma, Christian Milovanovic’, Mitch Dallorto and Alex Iosub, who just became our collaborators for various projects and good rolling friends.
2 days of falls, laughters, applause, video to exalt, rolling, ps2, beers, pizza, random words, pasta and egg, challenges for the bed and …
Enjoy the edit!
Follow us, you could be the next guest!
Cut by Alex Iosub (TBC)
Shoot by Alex Iosub , Seven Stars Studios and Andrea Gagliotta
Song: Jay Z – Dirt off your shoulder
7SC riders: Berza Michele, Alby Arico’ and Al Schiavone

Sponsored by:
– Seven Stars Clothing co.

– candiesmagazine

– Energy Group