Family | Dj Kass & Dj Pregno “Face 2 Face”

Dj Kass & Dj Pregno, proudly sponsored by Seven Stars Clothing Co., announce the release of their latest work: a mixtape that includes tracks of many Italian artists (Tony Mancino, Evergreen, Primo, Duplici, Bassi Mastro, Tommy Smoka, Tyrelli, Dj Smoka, Luis Dee, Kenzie Kenzei) and some tracks made in the U.S.A. (T.I., B.O.B., Nate Dogg, Kanye West, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Beastie Boys, Pete Rock & many more). Also featuring unreleased tracks/skits by Principe, Alby D, Spanish Ed, Paolito, J.P, TSU.

You can download the mixtape for FREE by clicking on the link below.

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